Themes: Ninjago, 2015

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The LEGO NINJAGO series is a fascinating world of ninjas that fight against the evil forces. Children will like meeting its characters and participating in role-playing games with enactment of exciting and diverse adventures. In addition, children can act out scenes from the popular television series and play against their friends in the battle for the right to become a master of Spinjitsu! The LEGO NINJAGO series is based on the popular television series where a group of brave ninjas fight against villains trying to destroy the world. Children will like meeting all the characters they know from the series. In addition, children will also like playing Spinjitsu games with their friends, which would contribute to the development of social skills. As with all LEGO toys, construction is a part of the fun activity presented in these exciting and vibrant sets that provide excellent inspirational opportunities for developing cognitive abilities and active imagination. Children will be excited to put together each set, and then enact stories using the constructed sets. Help show them that they have everything it takes to be a master of Spinjitsu!