LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 30451 Spider-Man's Mini Spider Crawler

LEGO Marvel 30451 Spider-Man’s Mini Spider Crawler features a Spidey minifigure on a minature version of 76114 Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler.

LEGO Marvel 2019 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack

76127 Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack is a LEGO Marvel Superheroes set to be released in 2019.

LEGO Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack Revealed ! (76127)

A previously unknown LEGO Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack Revealed! LEGO set 76127 with 307 pieces, retailing for $30 or $35 USD! It was found at a Toys R Us in Canada!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man 2019 Official Set Images

LEGO has revealed a new 2019 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Set.

Captain Marvel Official Trailer Released

A new trailer has been released for Captain Marvel, one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films due for release in 2019.
 Set in the 1990s, the story follows Danvers as she becomes Captain Marvel after the Earth is caught in the center of an intergalactic conflict between two alien worlds.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2018 Spider-Man Mech vs. Venom Mech Set Revealed

76115: Spider-Man Mech vs. Venom Mech

Stage an awesome mech battle between Spider-Man and Venom!

Comic-Con Is Getting a Life-Sized Thanos LEGO Statute

Infinity War villain Thanos is coming to San Diego Comic-Con in LEGO bricks.
Standing at 8 1/2 feet tall and weighing in at over 450 pound, the model used 91,350 pieces to create.

Black Panther: Trouble in Wakanda - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer

Being the King of Wakanda is tough - especially when you’re also the Black Panther! When Thanos arrives from outer space and threatens to destroy Earth, the Black Panther leaps into action and defeats him with the help of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But the situation only gets worse when rogue villains Killmonger and Klaue team up with the Mad Titan to take the fight to Black Panther’s homeland! Can the Panther pounce on their perilous plan before Wakanda is pulverized?

New Lego Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantum Realm Explorers 76109 Set Revealed

Retailing for $19.99. The set will be available on June 1

All Lego Avengers: Infinity War Sets Official Images

While the Avengers and their allies continue to protect the world from various dangers that one superhero could not cope with, a new threat comes from outer space: Thanos. The intergalactic tyrant is pursuing the goal of collecting all six Infinity Stones - artifacts of incredible power, with which you can change the reality at will.