LEGO CITY 2019 Sets

Here is the first information on 2019 LEGO CITY set.

Seeing that "Sky Police" is definitely a City subtheme rather than an action theme. Is it perhaps an airport security subtheme?

New LEGO City 40303 Vehicle Accessories Polybag

LEGO City fans can look forward to a polybag with lots of individual parts.

New LEGO City 60197 and 60198 Confirm Power Functions 2.0 Integration

LEGO City 60197 and 60198 will introduce the new LEGO Powered Up smart application.

New LEGO City Summer 2018 Train Images

There are images of the new summer 2018 LEGO City trains . The two sets are slated to be released in July and they include the Passenger Train 60197 and the Freight Train 60198.

New 2018 Lego City Trains

In this years, Lego will release two sets of trains in the summer of 2018.

LEGO City Summer 2018 set - 60200 Capital

Amazon  has published some images of another upcoming LEGO City Summer 2018 set - 60200 Capital.

LEGO City 2018 Summer Hospital 60204 Set Images

One of the new LEGO City 2018 Summer sets - LEGO City Medical Hospital 60204 

LEGO City People Pack – Outdoor Adventures 60202 Revealed

This is the third set of the People Pask series.Features a new set of minifigures doing everyday things with an outdoor adventure theme, such as camping, hiking, and rafting.

LEGO City Summer 2018 Arctic Official Set Images

Now you can see all the sets of the Arctic series wave of summer 2018.
Previously, we revealed one set.

New LEGO City Arctic 2018 Set

Lego again launches the City Arctic theme.
A total of 7 sets are expected.