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The Lego Movie 2 The Rexcelsior (70839) Revealed!

This set is Rex Dangervest's bigger spaceship that is in the shape of a fist. The sets retail value in Franks will be 139.99 and the set will include 1,826 pieces. Included will be both large and micro versions of Emmet and Rex as well as 5 baby raptors.

The LEGO Movie 2 – Catchy Song Released

The new single for The LEGO Movie 2 dropped today and it is called Catchy Song and it features Dillon Francis along with T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay. I’m sure many of you will like it but I don’t think it will be stuck inside my head.

LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s and Sweet Mayhem’s Pod

Lego has been releasing a good bit of battle pods lately and to no surprise, they will be releasing 2 for their upcoming Lego Movie 2. The first will be one of Emmet and will include a little build as well. The second will be one of Sweet Mayhem. The price should be somewhere around $9.99.

The LEGO Movie 2 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys First Look

The start of this year that McDonald’s will be giving away Happy Meal toys that are inspired by the upcoming LEGO Movie 2 film.

LEGO TECHNIC 2019 Summer Set Predictions!

LEGO TECHNIC 2019 Set Summer Wave
42088      Aerial Platform                         
42089      Power Boat                         
42090      Getaway Truck                         
42091      Police Pursuit                         
42092      Rescue Helicopter                         
42093      Super Car    

LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Summer Wave

LEGO Star Wars 2019 Summer Set Predictions!

30383      Naboo Starfighter                         
30384      Snowspeeder                         
30461      Anakin's Podracer
75227      Classic MicroFighters Dual Pack
75238      Action Attack Battle of Endor                         
75239      Action Attack Battle of Hoth                         
75240      Vonreg's Tie                         
75241      Defend Action Battle Echo Base                         
75242      Black Ace                         
75243      Slave 1                         
75244      TBA LEGO Star Wars Set (UCS)

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2019 set list!

The Ninjago Summer 2019 set list! So far, there is no indication to whether or not the sets will go with a new season or will be part of the Legacy theme Lego introduced.

Lego Wizarding World Summer 2019 sets list!

Lego Wizarding World 2019 Summer Wave
75945      The Chamber of Secrets                         
75946      Hagrid's Hut                         
75947      Knight Bus                         
75948      Jacob's Magical Animals                         
75949      Barebone's Buildings

LEGO Toy Story 4 Summer 2019 set list!

Lego Toy Story 4
10766      Woody and RC                         
10767      Show by Caboom Duke                         
10768      Adventures of Buzz and Bo                         
10769      Holiday Caravan                         
10770      Carnival of Buzz and Woody

LEGO Ninjago Trading Card Game Serie 4

January 22, 2019 launches the now fourth Trading Card Game series around the heroes from the LEGO Ninjago universe.